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Meet the MDMA Project Team Katie Marks

May 9, 2022

The Pearl Psychedelic Institute continues our Meet the MDMA Project Team series with Katie Marks....

May 9, 2022

For Immediate Release 

Meet the MDMA Project Team: Katie Marks

Katie is a pharmacy student currently finishing her 3rd year at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy.

She grew up in Greensboro, NC and went to high school in Boone, NC. She completed her undergraduate at UNC Chapel Hill where she studied biochemistry and neuroscience.

Her interests in pharmacy include psychiatric and geriatric ambulatory care. In her free time, Katie enjoys rock climbing, hiking and traveling.


The Pearl Psychedelic Institute is a nonprofit that aims to bring psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy into mainstream practice through research, treatment, and training while reducing the barriers to patient access. 

The Pearl Psychedelic Institute has been designated as one of 10 sites in the United States that will be allowed to provide access to this investigational treatment. The Pearl Psychedelic Institute is the only clinic affiliated with this program currently operating in the Southeastern United States; and specifically strives to serve the rural areas of Western North Carolina.

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