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Psychedelic Integration Services | Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

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Are you looking for guidance and support in incorporating the insights you gained during your past psychedelic experiences into your daily life?  The Pearl is now offering therapeutic psychedelic integration sessions with our trained practitioners to assist you in the ongoing process of personal growth and development. 


Preparation sessions

Talk Therapy

Yoga & Breath Work

Life Coaching

Pricing of integration services depends on the service offered.  Lower cost options are available with our therapists-in-training.


Please email to inquire.  

In collaboration with Moksha Medicine, The Pearl is also offering access to comprehensive preparatory and post-treatment integration programs, including group integration.  

For more information and to register, please visit:


Moksha Medicine is a separate entity, and The Pearl are not responsible for the programming offered through Moksha Medicine.


"Psychedelics, when used wisely, have the potential to help heal us, help inspire us, and perhaps even to help save us."

Rick Doblin

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