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Donate to The Pearl Psychedelic Institute


Pearl: $10,000 and up

Amethyst: $5,000 - $10,000

Moonstone: $1,000 - $5,000

Rose Quartz: $500 - $1,000

 Friends of The Pearl: $100 - $500

Thank you so much for your donation to The Pearl Psychedelic Institute.


All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 non-profit , tax id# 85-4272437.


Your contribution will be used to further our mission to bring psychedelic-assisted therapy into mainstream practice through research, treatment, and training while reducing the barriers to patient access.

Donation checks should be sent to:

 The Pearl Psychedelic Institute

PO Box 1016 

Waynesville, NC 28786

Easily donate online by clicking the button below!

Tell your friends & family about us, visit our Facebook page and follow us and invite others to like and follow the page! Our approach will service so many and help those that may not have had access to such support in the past.

Diagnosis 2 art by Dawn Eareckson

"Diagnosis 2"

Artwork by: Dawn Eareckson

Check out more of her great work HERE!

Circle of Pearl Donors

List of our Pearl Donors... • Bill & Lindsay Zimmer • Collin & Jenni O'Berry
(Altamont Property Group) • Raymond & Kim Turpin

List of our Amethyst Donors... • Benjamin Aldern • Simon Family Foundation

List of our Moonstone Donors • Alex Gray • Allyson Gray • Beyond Visual • Billy May • Cory Costanza & Robin Fann
(Still Point Wellness) • Daniel Mackey, MD • Dawn Eareckson • Enter The Earth • Glenn & Naomi Withrow • High Country Furniture • Joe & Melissa Sommerich
(Sky Mountain Events) • John Michael & Melissa Kledis
(Peridot Consulting) • Jordan Turchin • Natalie Malis and Sheila Kirby
(Keller Williams) • Small Axe Cannabis Company • The Cordell Family Fund • William H. Zimmer Trust

List of our Rose Quartz Donors • All the Pretty Flowers • Arnold Kozak • Asheville Brewing • Ashley Lieb
(Honey Creek Pottery) • Brian Lewis • Cellarest Beer Project • Chase Wells • Dan & Beth Pleasant • Diane Tracy • Eduardo Arias • Eric and Sarah Perkins • Jake Koptizke • Jay & Lisa Schultz
(One World Brewing) • Jeff Chase • Joe & Laura Pate-Moore • John & Miranda Sutton • Mike Dubois
(Woodstock Art Collective) • Richard Brendel • Scott & Allison Blake • Shanti Elixir • Tim Sheaffer Designs • Todd Perry • Village Framers

List of our Friends of The Pearl Donors... • Aimee Copeland • Andrea Lithgow
(Dandy Jewelry) • Andrew and Aimee Spencer • Ashley and Kyle Levitan • Blue Ridge Beer Hub • Bobby Miller • Boojum Brewing Company • Bradley Newsom • Brandan and Heather Adcock • Brandon Laughinghouse • Brooke Cannon • Carmen Chavez • Cassia Catering • Chase Wells • Daniel Levy • Dave MacDonald, LCSW & Stan Mobley
(MacDonald Forage) • David and Nickie Young • Dennis Tracz • Devil's Foot Beverage Company • Ginger’s Revenge • Jennifer Belham • Joel Chrisholm • John Richard • Josh Gibbs
(Dynomite Coffee) • Josh Stack • Justin Powell • Kathleen Dine • Katy Dalton
(Fusion Day Spa) • Kevin and Julie Duval • Kim Skelton • Marcus and Greta Metcalf • Michael and Cathryn Levine • Pledgeling Foundation • Recover Brands • Rob Jacoby (In Memory) • Soul Ku • Spence Davis • The Lassingers
(Pilot Cove) • Triple Moon Goddess Full Moon Kit • Tryon Distributing • USA Raft • Victoria Caldwell • Wedge Brewery at Foundy St.

The Pearl Psychedelic Institute, Enjoying Nature

"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."

Maya Angelou

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