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"Pearl's Gratitude"

“Spinning” with Love and Gratitude from the Pearl

      I recently was listening to a podcast episode on “Sing for Science” which featured an interview with

Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse and Paul Stamets. In this episode, Paul discusses how mycelium is

stimulated by soundwaves to activate growth and regeneration in nature. He goes further to describe

an epiphany that he had which is that nature is always listening and when musicians bring people

together in celebration and community through music that the mycelium catch the soundwaves and

respond with joyous and bountiful nutrients. This is something that our ancestors have done

throughout the ages; coming together in dance, drumming, and song and celebration sending the

vibration of community and heart-centered happiness in waves throughout nature. What struck me as I listened to this was memories of our 2nd Annual Gathering of the Pearl that we had at Highland

Brewing’s event center on August 27th. This was the feeling that I had throughout the night as there

was a special vibration in the air as our beautiful community came together in a sold out celebration

of the advancement of psychedelic medicine and the growth of The Pearl Psychedelic Institute. Music

is the great vibration that connects us all and I am “Spinning” with so much love and gratitude that

Papadosio has shared such a lovely song with The Pearl for us to use as the music for our video recap

of such an incredible night. A giant thank you to Michael and Cat Levine of Beyond Visual Media

Agency and Production House for capturing the essence of the evening for our recap video.


      We came together to celebrate this groundbreaking year for The Pearl as a community sharing

laughter, stories, food, art, and music. Music weaved a strong vibration of love and gratitude

throughout the night thanks to the talented musicians who came out to play. Thank you, Justin Powell

for pulling together a dream lineup of big-hearted talent. We were blown away to have Justin, Mike

Barnes, Felix Pastorius, Spiro and Nicole Nikolopoulos, and Jeff Sipe as our “Pearl house band.” Annie

Bennet shared her live painting talents as she was inspired by the band’s sound to create her

“Chlorophyll” painting dancing in a rain of sunflowers that will now have a home at The Pearl. What a

dream team!! We were also honored to have River Guerguerian and Chris Rosser of Free Planet Radio ground the energy with their hypnotic drumming beats and music at our rooftop sponsor party prior to the main event.


      From the moment I entered the building, I was struck with a sense of profound gratitude and love

for all of the individuals who came together to bring this event to life. My eyes welled up with happy

tears when I saw the floral masterpieces that Katrin Metz and her team at All the Pretty Flowers

artistically created and donated for the event. The beauty and intention behind her creations

grounded the mood of the space in the loving arms of Mother Nature. I was then met by the

incredible Ashley Lieb of Honey Creek Pottery who had been with me throughout much of the auction planning and had the barrel room set up with her fabulous mugs and our Pearl swag so that as we were unloading the auction items to put out there was already a flow design in place and she

continued to anchor the oversight of the auction throughout the night. She is a true rockstar! Ashley

also helped me secure so many amazing and talented artist’s donations from our jam band music

community for our auction. BIG LOVE and GRATITUDE to all of you: Amy Kawar and Mike Lovoy of

Arete, Enter the Earth, Collin Barry of Altamont Realty, Harry Hart of Dyin’ Man Tie-Dyes, Timothy

Hemphill - metal artist, Allison Blake of Soul Ku, Melanie Morano of Boshek, Kelly Cavanaugh of

“thebalamshop”, Heather Fleming of Mam’s Minis, Rebecca Rogers of Reba’s Dyes, Lisa and Jay Schulz

of One World Brewing, Michelle Cook of Blaze On Creations, Laura Uzzell Klapheke of G-Ode, Jake

Kopitzke, Steve Blanton of Wooden Steel Craft, Zaraha Barry of Sekhmet’s Lair, and Steve Schwarz of

the Toe River Festival. A very special thank you also goes to our amazing poster artist friend, Scotty

Radford of Scotty Radford Designs, who created our amazing invitation and the posters that we shared at the event. He finished the final details on the poster with a broken hand which he had surgery on the week of our event. Timothy Hemphill also went the extra mile to get us his art as he had to wait for cooler Texas temperatures in his home state to cut the metal and then sent the finished pieces by Fed Ex to ensure that they made it on time.


      l was also blown away by our WNC community for their donations: Tammy’s Jewelry, Jo Ridge

Kelley Fine Art, Stewert Kennedy, Still Point Wellness, Brad Hankins of Small Axe Cannabis, Asheville

Salt Cave, Waynesville Salt Room, Waynesville Yoga, Maggie Valley Wellness, Strains of Music,

Earthstar Creations, Jeweler’s Workbench, High Country Style, Brad Dodson of Mud Dabbers, Alan

Muskat of A Taste of Home, Mia Renee Cole, Sweet Pea, 828 Market, Bosu’s Wine Shop, The Blue

Ridge Beer Hub, Dandy Jewelry, Asheville Tea Company, The Funky Fern, Panacea Coffee, Modern

Deer, Maple Tree Dog Camp, The Dog House, Nantahala Outdoor Center, Davidson River Outfitters,

David Simchock Photography, Pilot Cove, Ecusta Brewing, Cellarist Beer Project, Tryon Distilling, and

Shanti’s Elixirs.


      I am sending a big shout out to our psychedelic community for their donations as well: MAPS,

Annie Bennet, Northern Spore Mushroom Supplies, Kile Ortega, Jennifer Chesak, Sophia Rokhlin,

Sandeep Prakash of Sound Self, Johanna Bowen of Womxn in the Pines, Mama’s All about the

Mushrooms, and our massage queen, Harley Pinto Williams of Harley’s Healing Hands.


      The food vendors led by Alisia Parrott’s team of Everyday Gourmet did such an amazing job. Alisia

also allowed other vendors to donate their delicious creations to help offset the cost as we are a

nonprofit and then weaved the donations in with the spread that they kept putting out from the

pass-through appetizers of the sponsor party to the food tables of the main event. We are so grateful

for Rebel Burger, Luella’s Barbeque, Shanti’s Elixirs, Kaninis, Twelve Bones BBQ, Farm to Cake, Biscuit Head, Whisk, What’s Cookin’ Catering, and Cassia Catering. Everything was delicious and soul



      Finally, from all of the Pearl Leadership team: We are so grateful for all of our Pearl Board

members, Pearl team members, Circle of Pearl Sponsors and our Pearl community who came out to

support our Second Annual Gathering of the Pearl. I do believe it was a night where science and

spirituality came together in a dance that the mycelium felt and responded with joyous and bountiful

growth in the support of healing through psychedelic medicine.


      Please save the date: The 3rd Annual Gathering of the Pearl will be held on Thursday, September 19th at Highland Brewing. Three …. It’s the magic number so plan on a magical night!


With Love and Gratitude (540MHr coming your way),


Kim Turpin

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